Vlogger Popular, Nas Daily Beri Penjelasan Buat Rakyat Malaysia

Pembuat video popular, Nas Daily memberi penjelasan tentang beebrapa tuduhan yang dibuat ke atasnya susulan beberapa video terbaru yang mengaitkan Malaysia.

Nas Daily menyatakan dia tiada niat jahat untuk menghentam negara Malaysia dan memberi jawapan khas buat rakyat Malaysia yang mula pandang serong terhadapnya.

Ini tulis Nas Daily:

Dear Malaysia,

This post is only visible to you!

Lately, there has been a lot of Fake News about Nas Daily that I want to address here and I want you to help me spread the word.

Some photoshopped picture suggested that I have a hidden Israeli agenda. This is categorically false and stupid. Like many of you, I am Muslim of Palestinian origin. I was born in Israel because…of my parents!! No body chooses where they are born.

I’m not any of what people say I am. I’m just a guy traveling the world who really wants to show everything that’s GOOD in it. No hidden agenda. No sponsorships. Just people to people. The picture is photoshopped, fake, and quite frankly, written with bad grammar. Whoever did it should understand that this is very very un-islamic.

There has been some dissatisfaction from Malaysia from my Singapore videos. And I’d love to clear things up:

1. The Forbidden Land video: the purpose of it is to show Malaysians that I’d love to come to your country and just make videos. Until then, I have great appreciation for your culture and people. In fact, many of them I met in Singapore and are really good friends now.

2. The Airport Prisoner video: the purpose of it is to reflect reality and that’s all. I don’t have anything against Malaysia and its government. If the guy was based in Copenhagen, I’d do the video about him in Copenhagen. It’s really not about Malaysia at all.

So I was a bit sad you guys thought I had any ill-will towards Malaysia.

3. The Parking Video: this is the biggest one of them all. I did NOT mean to make fun of Malaysians or the way they drive. It was a generic line in the script. It was a PURE coincidence that the license plate was of a Malaysian. I thought I covered the whole thing, but I guess it wasn’t enough. I have nothing against your drivers. Frankly, I don’t even care about how Malaysia drives. I was just amazed at the PARKING of cars in Singapore. That’s all!

The most important thing I wanna say is: No. I do not hate Malaysia and I have no hidden Agenda.

You and I have more in common than in difference and I would HATE for you to believe the fake news about Nas Daily.

I’m just a guy fed up with Israel, Palestine, and all what’s bad in the world. So I went on a mission to show you and everyone what’s GOOD in the world…1 minute at a time, every day.

We didn’t get a chance to meet in person for you to believe me. But I hope we do so you can see how genuine I feel about this.

But until then…We’ll have to keep it on Facebook. That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow!!


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